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The Most Influential Person in My Life – My Mother Paper

Sometimes a person may feel that they have no purpose in life. Finding out who you are, just takes the time of sitting down and thinking of the importance of your life, and I am the only one who can truly define who I am. I could stand here and tell you that my life has been perfect and that I’ve always made the right choices, but that wouldn’t be honest. I’ve been through trials and tribulations just like the next person, made it through some and got buried by others. My first real tribulation came in the years of 2001 and 2002. These are the years I always tell people that I lost half of myself. The year of 2001, we found out that my mom had stage 4 small cell lung cancer, and only a year later, she passed away. Luckily, I had time to thank her for sharing with me the qualities that made her special, because her character was the basis on which my own character is built. But to understand this bond, you must be a daughter, but to feel it, you must hear my story.

I can still hear my mom telling me the story of how I came about. You see, I have three older brothers, I’m the only girl and the baby. All I’ve ever heard is how much my mom wanted me. After having my three brothers, she also had a miscarriage and another baby girl, that she named Sherri Denise, that died shortly after giving birth to her. The doctors told my mom that they were sorry, but she couldn’t risk getting pregnant again, that the next time, it was very possible that she wouldn’t make it through. In knowing this, of course my dad was reluctant. “You’re allowed to be reluctant,” my mom told him, “just so you know, I’ll do it, with or without you!”

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Having a girl was the most important thing to her, after having my three brothers, and as far back as I can remember, it was just me and my mom, because she divorced my dad before I was a year old. I use to joke with her and say she had it all planned. But what I remember the most, was the kind of …

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